expression through colors

Abhishek Jangir

Co-Founder & lead artist


An IIT-IIM grad, Abhishek has been painting since he was 3 and has won numerous accolades at state and national level. An Fx trader by profession, he believes painting is one of the best modes of expression.


Born and brought up in Indore, art came naturally to Abhishek. His school teachers gave him the proper platform to exhibit his art at an early stage and get known within the art circle. The concept of Dvibahu was originated back then.

He convened the IITB Fine Arts Club (Rang) and went ahead to head the fine arts activity as the Institute Secretary for the same. He was a quick learner of photoshop, which he later included in a variety of ways in his digital art.

He has taken various workshop on art as a mode of expression and has judged verious events at different levels. Currently he works with Deutsche Bank and juggles between the banker and artist roles.

Apart from art, he loves playing volleyball and cricket and reading books (which vary right from fairy tales to mythology to George Orwell's satire).

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